MAIN Chiro stands for : Méthode d'Analyse Interactive Chiropratique  and means : Chiropractic Interactive Method of Analysis.

It is a comprehensive global approach and seeks to correct the skeletal mis-alignments/dis-orders, associated with nervous system dysfunction.

MAIN Chiro allows to decide WHAT, WHERE, HOW, WHEN (and WHEN NOT) to adjust the chiropractic subluxation by offering reliable and reproductible tools useful in one's everyday practice.

MAIN Chiro is a rigorous method of analysis resulting from over thirty-five years of clinical research. - It includes in its protocol   observation (posture, respiratory), palpations (muscles, osseous, dynamic, intuitive,...), X-Rays, ... and most of all the original Reacting Leg Test.

  •  MAIN Chiro innovation lays in the Reacting Leg Test (RLT) :
    • The RLT combines a Sequence Protocol with a Biodynamic Test supporting the practitioner to make a "lightning" decision wether to deliver an adjustment on this structure rather than that other one, in this direction, in that manner,...


 MAIN Chiro offers different seminars  :

MAIN Chiro Method seminars offering a training to the chiropractor for :

  • a methodology not governed by the symptoms
  • an accurate analysis in real time of what needs to be adjusted
  • a scalable hierarchy of adjustments to be delivered for every visit
  • specific safe and non force adjustments


Elaboration of the Therapeutic Relationship seminars seeking to :

  • build a "listening to hearing" competence
  • improve a quality doctor-patient relationship
  • communicate on the essential
  • increase the efficiency of care regardless of the method and or technics used
  • reduce the risk of burnout among the practitioner


Pain and Placebo seminars teaching :

  • notions of a neuroscientific-psychoanalytic view of Pain, Placebo and Nocebo 
  • a review of Pain understanding from Social, Cultural and Religious standpoints
  • an authentic caring attitude towards Psychological/Emotional aspects of the patient complaint
  • how to develop a right Doctor's near-distance with the patient in pain