The DISCJUSTOR is an extension of the chiropractor's hand.                                                          

The DISCJUSTOR was developed by Patrick Sermet D.C. with the technical assistance of Noël Poncet.

Designed to assist in intervertebral discs adjustments, it showed to be effective in delivering specific and comfortable adjustments on any segment.

The operating principle of the DISCJUSTOR is based on the "Nail hand - Hammer hand" toggle recoil concept : The adjusting hand in contact with the structure to be adjusted is designated by Nail Hand, as the Hammer Hand is the one that lands on the Nail hand.

Toggle Recoil is a gesture that provides to the patient (and Chiro) an airy feel at the blink of an eye and speed - not force - allows the adjustment, freeing the nervous system. Thumb toggle is used on the same principle.

Dr Richard Van Rumpt - founder and Developper of Directional Non Force Technic - created the "Plexor", an instrument made of a wooden peg 10 mm diameter and 8 cm in length. Its rounded tip allowed to contact the disc and send the thumb toggle impulse accurately.

The DISCJUSTOR combines theses two principles :

  • Plexor :
    • The rubber conical tip of the DJ provides a comfortable stabilized specific contact and concentrate the mechanical energy of the impulse with minimum dispersal.
  • Toggle :
    • When triggered the Discjustor sends a quick, light and extremely accurate mechanical impulse providing the necessary and essential specificity to achieve effective and lasting adjustments.

The intensity of the pulse is easily set by rotating the handle : With very fine tuning you can act on the cervical area as well as a tighter set will be more adequate for deeper structures in the lumbar region.

The new ergonomically rubber handle provides a secure and comfortable grip.

The DISCJUSTOR facilitates the chiropractor's work allowing more effective correction on discs and segments. Once in a while the Patient might experience a mild discomfort in the instant that will dissipate very quickly.

The use od the DISCJUSTOR is taught during the MAIN Chiro Method Seminar.

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