Hippopo.Kid© is a table for kids' care especially designed by Sophie - a talented French artist.

Sophie has been a patient of Patrick Sermet for many years. When she became the mother of two twin little girls - Lize and Zia -  Patrick provided chiropractic care for them too especially since these beautiful little girls have a handicap.

For years Patrick had been dreaming for a children's table in his chiropractic family practice center.

The very few for sale on the market didn't suit him..

One day Patrick and Sophie agreed on a deal : In exchange of chiropractic care for her and her daughters, Sophie will build a specially designed chiropractic table for kids.

The Hippopotamus was Sophie's idea. It took her two years to design it, draw it, and build it in her living room.

The impact of Hippopo.Kid on children amazed Patrick right away :

" In my office I always leave children the freedom of choosing or refusing care and I never tried to convince a child who is not ready for an adjustment.

Since we have that table, even the most apprehensive ones climb up on Hippopo as they come in the adjusting room, and lay down still. They remain peaceful and quite the whole session, enjoying the ride. It's just awesome."


Now Hippopo.kid is available for you. Every item sold will benefit to Sophie and her daughters

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