MAIN Chiro Method Seminar teaches the mastery of tests to analyze the malfunction of the relationship of the three systems of the spine and skull: Nervous system, Meningeal system and Skeletal system.

Combining tests allows to:

  • Prioritize adjustments.
  • Identify precisely which segment, vertebral, peripheral, muscle, disc, organ,… is most appropriate to welcome the adjusting thrust at that moment
  • Define specific, rigorous and for some unpublished listings
  • Differentiate the “subluxation” that needs adjusting from a motion restricted joint
  • Track in real time changes occurring in the body.
  • Recognize when the session has come to a conclusion (Dysfunction corrected).

MAIN Chiro offers adjusting techniques:

  • Specific articular and non-forced adjustments, adapted to adults, pregnant women, babies, children, handicapped, elderly…
  • Toggle with or without drops, thumb toggle, Impulse use, respi-contacts,…
  • Precise directional thrusts for muscle corrections.
  • Intervertebral discs adjustments with the DISCJUSTOR*.

The seminar teaching (limited in number of participants), includes theoretical presentations and workshops so that everyone can:

  •  Learn the original protocol of sequences
  • Get acquainted with the particular listings
  • Train for the precise gestures of the various "interactive" tests
  • Train to execute the adjustments adapted to the listings
  • Learn to make corrections on muscles, discs, organs,

MAIN Chiro Method Seminar