MAIN Chiro  specifically identifies the dysfunction of the relationship between the nervous system (Central & Peripheral), the cranial-spinal-menigeal system and the skeletal system. 

MAIN Chiro unique feature consists of a protocol of sequences combined with a biodynamic test thru the

Reacting Leg Test

  • The sequence protocol prescribes an evolutionary hierarchy for adjustments and provides essential information such as :

    • By which body region should I begin the session with?

    • By which segment is it wise to continue?

    • When is the session final?

This combination allows to wisely deliver specific correction at the right time at the right place in the right manner.

MAIN Chiro seminar provides all the principles, understanding and training to perform the Reacting Leg Test


The method is showing substantial clinical evidence :

  • Giving benefits and satisfaction to patients whose health improves through thorough and lasting adjustments 
  • With just a few visits adjustments perform a real body reorganization with most patients.
  • Symptomatic relapses are unusual 
  • Patients refer and make appointments for regular care as they live the benefits of a better nervous system function.


MAIN Chiro trained chiropractors are able - by incorporating it into their practice - to assess in real time the efficiency of their adjustments.

They enhance their skill, bringing comfort to their adjustments, strengthening their current technics thus enriching their chiro-practice for the great benefit of their patients and themselves.