Chiropractic is a science and art which objectives. Chiropractic research and techniques are underpinned of the principles of a philosophy.

In our Western Culture there are two main philosophies that determine health care.

A branch of chiropractic conforms to the "western medicine" and is modeled on a mechanistic philosophy.  The Institut Franco-Européen de ChiropraxieAnglo European College of ChiropracticNational University of Health and Science, Macquirie University of Australia... are beyond mechanistic oriented chiropractic colleges.

An other branch of chiropractic, following its founder David Daniel Palmer is based on a vitalistic philosophy. As taught at Sherman College of ChiropracticLIFE UniversityNew Zealand College of ChiropracticMC Timoney College of ChiropracticBarcelona College of Chiropractic,...

 Chiropractic Interactive Method of Analysis - MAIN Chiro - is channeled on the principles of Vitalistic Chiropractic Philosophy



Philosophies reconciliation

Being open minded to different approach of health care

MAIN Chiro theoretical reasonings are inspired by many authors an researchers. Each approach with their differences can contribute to the improvement of human condition. For Boris Cyrulnik there is no such thing as a one and only cause but a combination of factors. Georges Canguilhem, French M.D. philosopher invites us to go beyond the mechanistic/vitalistic dichotomy.

Everyone counts :

providing at all times the best possible care wether it be to the first patient of the week, the last of the day or the one before lunch.

A new eye for every visit : 

Each visit is approached as if it was the first : according to vitalists principles life is constantly changing. Repeating the same adjustments session after session raises the question about the effectiveness of care.

Each visit is approached as if it was the last : with MAIN Chiro the goal is to complete every visit so that the nervous system is freed and the person regains its best self-healing abilities, harmony and wellness. It is also a motto of honesty.

This visit here and now : With MAIN Chiro Analysis the chiropractor evaluates his patient needs right now in the time being.

Be humble : 

The practitioner is a servant who is honored to be entrusted with the most intimate woes.

The doctor-patient barrier is exceeded to the benefit of two Human Beings meeting. Both needing each other as being vulnerable, facing pain and the impermanency of Life.

The practitioner becomes an accompany on a common path so that the person finds back her best life expression ability. They both benefit from experiencing a nervous system clearing care. 

Have healthy habits: 

For both chiropractor and patient being disciplined in everyday life is a must for keeping a clear head, cultivate active listening, enrich one 's thoughts, improve concentration, be fair in acts and words and remain at every moment precise in adjustments.