Chiropractors have an ability to feel, intuitively what appears to need an adjustment. This creative way of analyzing as crucial it might be can be rough and limited to determine and differentiate in a reliable and reproductible manner what needs to be adjusted.

Adjusting is not easy. Especially when one understands what an Adjustment means from the chiropractor's standpoint.

The purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to correct chiropractic subluxation. The aim being to free the nervous system from interferences to transmission information deciding the proper functioning of the body. An adjustment, applied to a mis-aligned segment, is successful when it has allowed to restore a higher level of functioning of the nervous system.

"Cracking" is not the sign of a successful adjustment. "Thrusting" on a segment for mobilisation purpose is only one of the aspects of the chiropractic adjustment. Mobilization is a secondary benefit resulting from something in the nervous system that has been restored by a specific adjustment.

It is therefore essential to deliver that mechanical energy of the "thrust" in the right place, the right way, at the right time :  the effectiveness of the adjustment is primarily depending on the accuracy of the chiropractor's analysis.

MAIN Chiro is precisely a method designed to analyze with accuracy the disturbances involving all 3 systems of the spine and skull :

MAIN Chiro adresses these three systems as a functional entity, a triptych : the nervous-meningeal-skeletal system.

MAIN Chiro is a method of collecting reliable and reproducible information to identify, analyze and correct the Cranial-Spinal-Meningeal Dysfunction (CSMD) associated with Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (NMSD).

Reducing the meningeal tension allows the entire NeuroMusculoSkeletal system to work better ; postural balance, proprioception, sensory and motor informations,... improve. The person's general health is positively enhanced.


MAIN Chiro Method Seminar teaches the mastery of tests to analyze the malfunction of the relationship of the three systems of the spine and skull: Nervous system, Meningeal system and Skeletal system. 

Combining tests allows to: 

  • Prioritize adjustments. 
  • Identify precisely which segment, vertebral, peripheral, muscle, disc, organ,… is most appropriate to welcome the adjusting thrust at that moment
  • Define specific, rigorous and for some unpublished listings 
  • Differentiate the “subluxation” that needs adjusting from a motion restricted joint 
  • Track in real time changes occurring in the body. 
  • Recognize when the session has come to a conclusion (Dysfunction corrected).

MAIN Chiro offers adjusting techniques: 

  • Specific articular and non-forced adjustments, adapted to adults, pregnant women, babies, children, handicapped, elderly…
  • Toggle with or without drops, thumb toggle, Impulse use, respi-contacts,…
  • Precise directional thrusts for muscle corrections. 
  • Intervertebral discs adjustments with the DISCJUSTOR*.

The seminar teaching (limited in number of participants), includes theoretical presentations and workshops so that everyone can: 

  •  Learn the original protocol of sequences 
  • Get acquainted with the particular listings 
  • Train for the precise gestures of the various "interactive" tests 
  • Train to execute the adjustments adapted to the listings 
  • Learn to make corrections on muscles, discs, organs,

MAIN Chiro Method Seminar