As full part of his psychological studies at Université LYON II Patrick Sermet participated in psychiatric hospital to supervision analysis and Balint Therapy groups. This experience influenced the course of the development of the Interactive Method of Analysis.

Different psy courses and jobs offered him multiple and diverse experiences in caring relationships with great mental suffering adults, traumatized children, severed burned teenagers, burnout child minders and overwhelmed parents. 


Importing "shrink" experiences and knowledge in his chiropractor's office, he initiated a whole new dimension, rereading chiropractic technics, generating new skills and expanding his (Chiro)practice toward therapeutic care.

MAIN Chiro fully incorporates the quality of the therapeutic relationship. The effectiveness of the Method is closely linked to it:


At the Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic (IFEC) Patrick Sermet developed an original class for the Paris and Toulouse chiropractic clinics interns entitled "Development of the Patient-chiropractor relationship". Including lectures in psychology and discussion groups allowing him to hear concerns in relationships with patients.


The Elaboration of the Therapeutic Relationship Seminar offers to develop a better understanding of the Doctor-Patient Relationship thru its emotional scale by :